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In the Haus am Watt you will experience a soothing time-out for body, mind and soul. Recharge your batteries and feel good in your skin again. During your alkaline fasting week you will be spoilt by our culinary delights and enjoy varied alkaline fasting days full of pleasure and relaxation.

Only fruit, vegetables, sprouts and fresh herbs are served during the alkaline fasting cure. In this way you relieve your body, feel fitter again and find your way into a healthier diet. A pleasant side effect is also a weight loss, usually of 1-4 kilograms, in the course of an alkaline fasting week. With your alkaline fasting coach Kristin Große, who will look after you during the week, you will practise 2 hours of yoga every day (except on the day of arrival and departure) before breakfast. With gentle, static and flowing yoga exercises in the flow of your own breath, the moving mind can more easily come to rest. Alkaline foot baths, liver compresses and enemas are important components of the inner cleansing - you will of course also receive expert support in this. You will also receive a soothing, one-hour full-body massage from Kristin Große.

Of course, there is time for discovering the special features of the mudflat landscape. The diversity is revealed in a special way on a joint, expertly guided mudflat walk. In March and November we unfortunately cannot guarantee that a mudflat walk can be carried out (due to weather & offer of the mudflat guides).

And what would the North Sea be without the famous, endless beach of St. Peter-Ording? Either enjoy the wind & vastness on a long walk and or relax in the sauna of the dune spa of St. Peter Ording (entrance not included). For all those interested, there is also the option of immersing yourself in the world of birds on a guided ornithological tour with NABU in the Katinger Watt.

Kristin-Sybill Große
Kristin-Sybill Große

Alkaline fasting Guest Manager: Kristin Große

I love the North Sea and this wonderful place in Dithmarschen. I have been working as a yoga teacher for over 20 years (after a 4-year training at BDY, where I studied different yoga traditions). It is with great joy that I support people on their path - this is my calling. I love to create spaces where one's potential can unfold, making  life happier, healthier and more content. For me, yoga is a wonderful tool for deep immersion in development processes. The focus is on gentle exercises inspired by Viniyoga, but also on powerful shaking. Conscious perception and feeling - self-awareness are the central theme, the movements are integrated into the breath.

Through many further trainings (in antatomy/pathology, joint yoga, spiral dynamics, meditation, mantra and overtone chanting) as well as my work as a holistic energetic masseuse, I have a great deal of medical/energetic knowledge, which allows me to be very precise in yoga. It is also important to me to pick up everyone where they are and tailor the classes to the needs of the group. I have been leading yoga groups on trips for many years and love to combine my experience as a studied tourist with my profound yoga knowledge. I am authentic and open, love to laugh very heartily and bring my radiance and big heart with joy to my work.
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Dates and Prices:

05. Nov - 12. Nov 2022

Alkaline fasting according to Wacker© & Yoga for women (Kristin Große)

7 nights

1,175 euros per person in a double room with alkaline organic full board

Single supplement:
- 280 EUR with private bathroom
- 175 EUR with shared bathroom

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Included in the price:

- the alkaline fasting set with the booklet "Meine basenfasten Kur" (My alkaline fasting cure)
- daily alkaline organic full board
- sufficient water and herbal tea for each day
- Introductory talk, nutrition tips & final talk
- one hour full body massage
- 6 x two-hour yoga classes (in the morning, except on the day of arrival and departure)
- yoga mats, blankets and pillows provided
- three relieving liver wraps & alkaline foot baths, 2-3 enemas
- one guided mudflat walk (not binding for March & November due to weather conditions)
- Excursion to St. Peter Ording (optional visit to the dune spa)
- Supervision by basenfast Guest Manager Kristin Große

For the excursions we form car pools on site.

Number of participants:

minimum 5, maximum 14

Double as single room:

All rooms in the Haus am Watt are double rooms, which you can also occupy as single rooms, for which we charge the indicated surcharges. In the "own bathroom" variant, you will occupy a double room as a single room with its own bathroom. In the "shared bathroom" variant, you occupy a "half" two-room flat (your own separate double room as a single room) and share the bathroom with another person who occupies the other room in the flat.