Seminars at Haus am Watt

The rhythm of the tides, wind and vastness characterize our coastal region. In the tranquility of nature, the active and meditative holidays at Haus am Watt show different ways to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Our seminars are led by lecturers who have been coming to us for many years and pass on their teaching and philosophy with heart and soul. Participating in a seminar means letting go and embarking on a journey to undiscovered sources of energy, philosophizing with others, eating well together, relaxing in our barrel sauna and just being.

For all seminars, you will have dinner with your lecturer and the group on the day of arrival, get to know each other and get an overview of the program. The first seminar unit always takes place on the morning of the first full day of vacation. There may be exceptions for weekend and shorter retreats.

Our yoga courses take place in our Haus am Seedeich, 350 meters around the corner, in the seminar room on the upper floor, the art courses in the seminar house at Haus am Watt.

All seminars in the Haus am Watt can be found in the overview of our annual overview.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing and hope that you will find the right offer for you and that we can welcome you one day!


Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga & mehr (Kopie)

Yoga & Nordsee entdecken

Für Frauen - mit Dagmar Dührsen

Yoga & Nordic Walking

Für Frauen - mit Kristin Große

Basisch genießen (Kopie)

Basenfasten & Yoga

Für Frauen - mit Kristin Große


Für Frauen - mit Ute Wagner

Kunst (Kopie)

Kunst & Küste

Für Frauen - mit Rita Luizink

For children & families


Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda

for women - with Dagmar Dührsen

Ayurvedic Fasting and Yoga

for women - with Dagmar Dührsen

Alkaline fasting cure - the wacker method®

Alkaline fasting cure & Yoga

for women - with Kristin Große


Art & Coast

for women  - with Rita Luizink