Art & Coast for Women

A creative week on the mudflats

This year we are once again offering a week at the Haus am Watt dedicated to art, culture and the coast: A mixture of studio days and excursions.

For all those who are curious and keen to experiment, for beginners and advanced artists.

On the studio days we will playfully awaken creative resources and let ourselves be inspired by this picturesque farm, the landscape in the Wadden Sea National Park, the colours and moods on the dyke.

After many warm-up exercises, we will design coloured surfaces and structures, which will serve as material for individual collage series in small format. Far away from everyday life, it's all about making, about playing with
colours and shapes, fun and relaxation.

The creative programme is complemented by two excursions:

1st excursion -  guided mudflat tour (half day) - During the guided mudflat walks you will experience nature with all your senses. You will see the vast landscape, hear the wind, smell the sea, taste the salt on your lips and feel the mud under your feet - all a perfect start to your holiday in the Wadden Sea National Park.

2nd excursion - beach day in Sankt Peter Ording
In beautiful contrast to the Wadden Sea with its salt marshes is the incomparable, wide sandy beach of Sankt-Peter-Ording. You will experience a day on the beach, in the cafés, on the promenade or in the beach sauna - in the evening we will meet for a joint restaurant visit.

Rita Luizink
Rita Luizink

Course instructor: Rita Luizink

Rita Luizink, born 1968, freelance artist from Hamburg, who can't relax from the big city anywhere as well as on the mudflats.

Lecturer at the Kunstschule im Elbe for drawing, painting and ceramics.

Lecturer at the VHS Hamburg for collage courses and creativity techniques.

Lecturer at Boesner Hamburg for collage.

Costume designer for the theatre-altonale.

Dates and prices:

21. Jul - 28. Jul 2024

Art & Coast for women (Rita Luizink)

25. Aug - 01. Sep 2024

Art & Coast for women (Rita Luizink)

Print registration form

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Included in the price:

- Supervision by the course instructor
- Art course (22 hours)
- free access to the studio, free painting time at any time
- guided mudflat walk, accompaniment & transfer beach day
- 7 x breakfast buffet, 6 x dinner, 5 x soup at noon, 5 x coffee and cake

Not included in the price:

- Materials for the art course. A list of materials will be sent out before the course starts. Cost approx. 12 euros.

- Dinner at the restaurant following the beach day in St. Peter.

For the excursions we form car pools on site.

Number of participants:

minimum 4, maximum 12

Double room as single room:

All rooms in the Haus am Watt are double rooms, which you can also occupy as single rooms, for which we charge the indicated surcharges. In the "own bathroom" variant, you will occupy a double room as a single room with its own bathroom. In the "shared bathroom" variant, you occupy a "half" two-room flat (your own separate double room as a single room) and share the bathroom with another person who occupies the other room in the flat.