Yoga with Anjuly

Anjuly is not about building muscle or burning calories, but much more important is the holistic well-being of the participants. Of course we can achieve improved posture, increased flexibility and general well-being in the long term if we practice yoga regularly, but here we work beyond that on the most important relationship of our lives, which is our relationship with ourselves.

Learning how to cultivate a more loving, stress-free approach to your thoughts and achieve better access to your feelings can be crucial to taking a break from the daily grind and relaxing. By understanding how yoga affects the hormonal and nervous systems, one can achieve balance between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic body systems, thereby increasing health, happiness and vitality. The experience here on the mat is designed to provide students with ways and opportunities to incorporate a yogic lifestyle into their daily lives.

The workshop is designed according to the needs of the participants. The currently important topics, wishes and expectations of the participants are decisive here. The workshop is structured classically: We start with a short meditation and / or pranayama, continue with specific asanas that are suitable for the students present and end with the final relaxation, with techniques such as yoga nidra and singing bowls that support relaxation and release blockages.

No one is forced to do anything here, but everything may be tried. Fear and uncertainty are treated with understanding and encouragement. The uniqueness of each person is celebrated while everyone is pushed to surpass the old version of themselves. The point is to stay present and focused on the practice, thereby distancing yourself from the worries and problems of daily life.

- Getting to know your body anatomically better
- Better understanding the connections between your health, thoughts, and behavior patterns
- Learn tangible processes and then use them in your favor
- Use yoga far beyond the body for more success, better relationships, finances and joy
- finally get the instruction manual for your life
... and get in touch with the creator in you

Course instructor: Anjuly Rudolph

Anjuly Rudolph is a certified yoga teacher, yoga has been part of her life since childhood. Growing up in an Indian extended family of yogis - besides her mother Tripta Bhanot, six of her siblings are well-known yoga teachers - she absorbed yoga with her mother's milk, so to speak.

In addition to her Indian roots, however, her travels and extended stays in Uganda, Burundi, Syria, and Tunisia also shaped her as a yoga teacher, giving her a deep understanding of human behavior. She learned that despite language, geographic, and cultural barriers, most people face the same physical and emotional challenges. She therefore believes that a holistic approach is the solution to all suffering in the world.

Anjuly believes that difficult situations in life are helpful and necessary, and their meaning is revealed to us in hindsight. She personally discovered yoga as a tool in the dark times of her life, and through it learned to channel all her emotions. Where most sports help to deal with anger and frustration, a whole host of other emotions go undiscovered. This is where yoga can help you get back in touch with yourself and these deeply hidden feelings.

She says "yoga gives my life a clear direction and connects me to the purpose of my being: to pass on my knowledge of it to my students, and in doing so, to teach what I care about most." Anjuly feels the positive response to her as a person and to her offering is a gift that fills her with gratitude and reinforces her approach to Yoga Lifebalance.

Dates and prices:

17. Nov - 22. Nov 2024

Yoga (Anjuly Rudolph)

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Included in the price:

Yoga course (24 hours), supervision by the course instructor, vegetarian/vegan organic half board with breakfast & dinner. Yoga mats, blankets and pillows are provided.

Number of participants:

minimum 5, maximum 20

Course duration:

Except for the day of arrival and departure, two hours of yoga in the morning before breakfast and in the late afternoon.

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